Storage Organization Tips for your Kitchen

When it comes to organizing your kitchen you might be at a loss. Coming up with the storage space can often be a difficult task. To help you in this dilemma we at Logan Self Storage can provide you with a storage unit you can rent for as little or as long as you need. Cleaning out what you don’t need every day in your kitchen will help you to use the creative storage tips listed below for the stuff you need close at hand.

  • Store your dry goods in old spaghetti sauce jars. Having old jars to store a variety of dry goods in will make your storage space more concise and give you more room in the process. Random sized dry goods boxes can make it hard to fit everything in a small space.
  • Using a lazy Susan in your fridge can allow you to store more items and give you the ease of access you need to those items. Simply turn and grab what you need each time.
  • Tupperware lids are the number one cause for a cluttered cupboard. Using a dish drying rack can help you to organize your lids and allow you to easily locate each lid for its coinciding Tupperware partner.
  • Get creative with the cardboard. Using spare pieces of old cardboard you can create dividers for your cutlery drawer and an organized spice drawer as well. Dividers are a simple and easy solution to put to use on those overly cluttered drawers in your kitchen.
  • A pan organizer is a great investment for organizing pans and glassware used for cooking. These nifty little organizers can separate your pans and lids while saving you the hassle of digging through your cupboards.
  • Utilize the height of your cupboards by adding additional levels with shelving. You can fit more in a cupboard if you can place all of your kitchen accessories on different levels.
  • Adding small curtain rods to the doors of your cupboards is an easy way to store the lids to your pots and pans.
  • Magazine racks can be used to store the large amount of canned goods you may have in your pantry. This gathers them into one small area and opens up a lot of needed space in your pantry.

The trick to having an organized kitchen is to get creative. By using the tips above and renting a storage unit at Logan Self Storage you will be well on your way to having the kitchen of your dreams. Call us today to learn more about our current offers and the units we have available.