How to Give your Kitchen a Refreshing Makeover

Has your kitchen been looking a little drab and unorganized lately? It might be time to give your kitchen the refreshing makeover it needs. With the help of a rented storage unit at Logan Self Storage you can create the workable and clutter free kitchen you need in your life.

Sort and Purge your Kitchen Accessories

To start off the organization process of your kitchen you will want to go through and remove all the items from your cupboards, drawers, and pantry. Now is the time you will want to sort through and decide what you should keep, donate, or store. Decreasing the amount of items you have in your kitchen will reduce the amount of clutter and give you the storage space you so desperately need. For those kitchen accessories you don’t use every day you might want to consider placing them in storage in between use. A rented storage unit at Logan Self Storage can keep all of your items safe while giving you the storage space you need.

Clean Everything Inside and Out

Now that you have your cupboards and drawers empty it would be the perfect time to give them a good wipe down. This way your dishes won’t accumulate any dirt or grime when you place them back in their proper place. If any of your dishes are feeling sticky or look unsatisfactory, give them a wash. Remember to clean all of your surface areas including those on your kitchen appliances.

Create Workable Zones

Try to imagine yourself cooking a meal. What do you need within reach? Where should specific items be located to help you during the cooking process? With this in mind you can begin putting things away. You want the organization of your kitchen to work for you.

Storage Solutions

As you are putting away all of your kitchen accessories you will want to make the best use of all the storage space you have available. Using drawer dividers and pot organizers can help you to use all of your space effectively. Continue the trend in your fridge and pantry. Employ the use of plastic bins and Lazy Susan’s to give you the best use of space in limited areas.

Add some Color

While you are organizing your kitchen you might as well rethink the décor. If possible spruce up the walls with your favorite paint color. Add coordinating kitchen towels and pot holders to give your kitchen the new and refreshing feel it needs.