How to Store Your Artwork

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If you have artwork that you’re interested in storing in your Logan self-storage unit, chances are you want to handle it with extra care. Artwork is precious, especially if it’s something your kids drew or painted and taking special care of it so that it stays in pristine condition is extremely important. Artwork has a lot of sentimental value and we want to help you by providing you with our tips on how to store your artwork and keep it in good shape.

  • Preparing Framed Artwork
  • Framed paintings can be very valuable and should be handled with lots of care. For framed pieces, purchase some bubble wrap or plastic packing wrap and wrap tightly so that the entire piece is covered. Then make sure everything is secure by using packing tape if needed. Place hard dividers in between multiple pieces of art so that they don’t rub together and get damaged. If the painting has a wire hanger, remove it first to avoid bending it.
  • Preparing Unframed Artwork
  • First, place a sheet of silicon paper on top of the artwork. Then place a piece of hardboard directly onto the piece of art and wrap security using bubble wrap or plastic packing wrap. Secure with packing tape with needed in order to keep everything stable. Once you’ve wrapped your art, make sure you place it vertically in storage rather than stacking so that the pressure doesn’t cause damage.
  • Use Storage with Moisture Control
  • Our Logan self storage units have moisture control so you never have to worry about your art getting damaged over time. Storage units that don’t have climate and moisture control can cause long-term damage to your art overtime and should be avoided. The moisture in the air can cause paint to flake off or crack and can even lead to a stretched canvas. If you have paper artwork, moisture control is important to prevent it from growing mold and mildew.
  • Always Use Padding
  • Even if your artwork is thoroughly wrapped and padded individually, always use extra padding when storing multiple pieces in your storage unit. The extra padding is essential in making sure that they don’t receive any unnecessary damage. Bubble wrap works great but a moving blanket will also do the trick. Always use extra tape to secure the padding.
  • We hope these tips help you keep your artwork safe and in great condition because we know how valuable your art is and want to help you preserve it.