Organizing your Winter Wardrobe

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  • Winter is here and it is finally time to break out our winter wardrobe. Whether you have been storing it during the summer months in a storage unit at Logan Self Storage or have had it tucked away in your garage, you will need to make room for your winter clothing in your home. Below are some steps you can take to keep your home organized with the addition of all of your winter clothing and accessories. 
  • Purge, Sort, and Organize
  • Winter coats often take up a lot of space. Before bringing out your winter wardrobe, take the time to empty out a closet completely to make room for all of your winter clothing necessities. You will be surprised at just how much stuff you had managed to pack into your closet. Determine what items you can be relocated to another place in your home or even placed in a storage unit at Logan Self Storage.  If closet space is available start sorting your winter attire. Take out what you know you will use most often and put them where they can easily be accessed. Only keep what you know you will need. Coats and other winter accessories that are out of style or that just don’t fit don’t need to be kept in your home. Consider placing them in storage or donating them.
  • Maximize Your Space
  • By purchasing a coat rack or coat hooks you can maximize the space you have in your home. Often times the space behind entry doors or hallways is left empty. You can easily utilize this space and create an organized storage space for all of your winter accessories. Use bins to contain winter gloves, hats, and scarves in your closet or entryway. Hanging your coats can allow them to dry out during the wet winter months without ruining your clothing or the rest of the house.
  • Maximize Closet Storage
  • Take full advantage of the closet space you have available. If your closet has high ceilings you can install shelving and additional closet racks. A closet rack installed at a lower height is perfect for children’s coats and sweaters.
  • Switching out wardrobes seasonally can save you a ton of room and maximize the storage space you have available in your closet. Keep your clothing safe, secure, and out of the way with a storage unit at Logan Self Storage. We pride ourselves on giving you the space you need for a great price. Stop by our facility today to learn more about our units and what we can offer you. 
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