Organizing your Kid’s Room

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      • Organizing your child’s room can often be a difficult task. As they grow they accumulate a large amount of clothing, toys and books. Having them pick up their own room is a battle all in its self. Give your child a room they want to clean with the help from a storage unit at Logan Self Storage and the tips we have gathered below.
      • Think like a Kid
      • When you are conquering the clutter of your kid’s room you will want to think like your child and get down to their level. Doing this can help you to understand their difficulties when it comes to picking up after themselves. Difficult to open drawers or containers will make them lose motivation when it comes to keeping a tidy room. Put easy to use bins and baskets within their reach to hold the majority of their toys and books. A lot of the organization will have to do with the age of your child. This is especially true when it comes to clothing and closet organization. Take into account their abilities and their height when you are organizing their clothing. 
      • Let your Child Help
      • As you are cleaning and organizing your child’s room you will want to make sure to include them in the process. Having them help you will give them the motivation they need to keep their room clean and tidy. Turn it into a game for them so they can get excited about the process. Listen to their ideas and put some into effect. They will feel proud of their newly organized room.
      • Purge and Simplify
      • The main cause of all of the clutter in your child’s room will be due to the fact that they just have too much. Sort through all of their belongings and decide what you can store, donate, and keep. You can trust Logan Self Storage to provide you with a storage unit for all of your child’s precious keepsakes while giving you the storage space you need in their room. Have your child sort through their belongings with you to get a better idea of what they are interested in keeping. Contain the items you do decide to keep in decorative bins or on shelving. Make sure they are placed in a way that your child can have access to the items they use most often.
      • Organizing your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. By getting you child involved and following the advice above, you are well on your way to having a clean room. If you find that you are short on the storage space you need in your home, a storage unit at Logan Self Storage may be the answer to all of your storage dilemmas. Call or stop by today to learn about our current offers and the storage units we have available. 
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