Sending your Kid off To College: Dorm Organization Tips

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  • The time has finally come to send your kid off to their first semester of college! To help them in getting started on the right foot we at Logan Self Storage have gathered some dorm room organization tips for your college bound child.
  • Sort, Purge and Organize
  • Dorm rooms are known to be very small and won’t be able to hold all of one’s belongings. It is important to sort and organize your child’s belongings into what will be essential for college. Stick to the basics. For all of the other items sort into what you will store and what you can donate. A storage unit at Logan Self Storage can hold all of your child’s extra belongings while they are away at school. This will start the college moving transition on the right foot.
  • Research your Available Space
  • Check out the floor plan of your child’s future dorm or living space. It might be necessary to buy amenities that aren’t included. Such things will consist of fans, mini fridges, microwaves, and closet organizers.
  • Set up the Utilities
  • Help your child transition into adulthood and give them a crash course on setting up their utilities. Many college dorms and apartments will need phone and internet set in place. Doing this before the move will help alleviate stress for your child.
  • Avoid the Moving Rush
  • If possible, try and move your child in mid-week or a few days before the semester starts. Many students will move in the weekend before the start of term. Moving mid-week will allow extra time to get organized and used to the new environment your child will be spending most of their time in.
  • Condense and Limit Their Items
  • It is important to remember to only bring what is necessary. Comfy basic clothes, bedding, and organizational storage are essential. Don’t overload your move with unnecessary décor, clothing, accessories, and furniture. The cleaner the room, the more relaxing the space. If something is forgotten don’t fret. Many college stores on campus carry the dorm necessities you may have left at home
  • Be resourceful
  • When packing the essentials make sure to be resourceful when it comes to packing those fragile items. Old newspaper, towels, and even thick clothing can be wrapped around those items that tend to break. This makes clean up easy and moving cheap.  
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